lofi hip hop / I Became The Study Girl and Wrote a Song

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The song is finally released on streaming and download platforms! https://big-up.style/TlXomKU1o4

So this was one of the things I had been up to while staying home. ChilledCow's original stream has been on air since Feb. 23rd until now...

▼本家 ChilledCow Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSJ4gkVC6NrvII8umztf0Ow/featured
▼本家 Video
▼新 "Love" グッズ

I'm personally thanking and admiring the ChilledCow, assuming that they've been streaming perpetually during this period, to ease our anxious souls through their music. I also love how their chatroom is always filled with different languages from all over the world.
I guess there's always a way to learn and stay creative, regardless of where you stand now.

この曲は、配信開始されました! https://big-up.style/TlXomKU1o4

どんな状況でも学び、クリエイティブでい続けること!Study Girlと今回の変な試みから、そんなことを学びました。楽しかったー!

▼Stream and Download my songs!!
LOVE https://linkco.re/0Ftr3g1N
Or download for free ▶︎ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7b0yxh8kwk78ws/AAABtRgVbMwtE1dbLjLRZyjEa?dl=0
IN THIS BLANKET https://linkco.re/y4z3tt5V
TORCH https://linkco.re/vYHNVsFs

▼MERCH / グッズ
新 "Love" グッズ/New LOVE Merch

他グッズ/Other Merch

Twitter https://twitter.com/keibambooty
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/keibamboo/
HP https://keitakebuchi.com/

▼YAMO(クリエイティブパートナー/Creative Partner)
While staying at home, we dived deeply into the direction our curiosity lead us to, and eventually had a new song! The voyage was like parking in the 3D intersection of culture, music, and video. You maybe wondering if Lofi is going to be released digitally, and we are planning to do so sometime in the future alongside with other new songs. So stay tuned for that!

Stay home期間中に、二人で興味を深堀りしていたたら、新曲ができました!文化と、音楽と、映像の立体交差点の中に我々ならではの立体駐車をした感覚です(意味不明)。「Lofi」をSpotifyとかiTunesで配信リリースしないの?っていうコメントがあるような気がするのですが、他の曲とセットにして先々にリリースしたいなと思っています。それもお楽しみに。

Twitter https://twitter.com/YAMO_wbsb
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/yamo_wabisabi/

▼オススメのビデオ!Other Recommended Videos
ASMR https://youtu.be/rJe4ebh2AFc
Love MV https://youtu.be/Dxas9A47A64
Torch MV https://youtu.be/y9ltZL5osBI
In This Blanket https://youtu.be/s9MXv28fJsY
「天気の子」Mash Up https://youtu.be/ZcT2UOmcwIo


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